Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Servo Motor Motion Profiles - Trapezoidal

All servo systems consist of some kind of movement of a load. The method in which the load is moved is known as the motion profile. A motion profile can be as simple as a movement from point A to point B on a single axis

The trapezoidal motion profile slopes the velocity curve to create predictable acceleration and deceleration rates. A trapezoidal motion profile is shown in figure 3. The time to accelerate and decelerate is precise and repeatable. Ta and Td still exist, but they are now specified values instead of random values

- If ta = td = T/3 for a trapezoidal move profile, the overall power used is a minimum
- Overshoot error still exists for a trapezoidal move, but this error is negligible for many systems.
- Higher precision machines require a different motion profile.


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