Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friction Compensation in position and speed control

Comparison of different control strategies and friction
Compensation algorithms in position and speed control

Friction is present in almost every motion control application
and affect the quality of the position, velocity or force control.
This influence defends on the control strategy itself and on
the compensation algorithms that can be added to improve
the control further. This paper reports the experience of our
laboratory in this field

The mechanical system , bloc diagram, state transition diagram

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Two Adaptive Friction Compensation for DC Servomotors

Two advanced control strategies of adaptive friction compensation
For DC servomotor are presented in this paper, the first is used for
The direct on-line friction compensation in the velocity control system,
The second is making use of an adaptive inverse neural network controller
In the position control system. Both are composed of an adaptive
Compensator for the nonlinear stiction and Coulomp friction in
Parallel with a PID regulator. Experiments show that much improvement
Of performance has attained respect to conventional controller

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Identification and Model-based Compensation
of Striebeck Friction1

The paper deals with the measurement, identification and
compensation of low velocity friction in positioning systems.
The introduced algorithms are based on a linearized friction model,
which can easily be introduced in tracking control algorithms.
The developed friction measurement and compensation methods
can be implemented in simple industrial controller architectures,
such as microcontrollers. Experimental measurements are provided
to show the performances of the proposed control algorithm.

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