Sunday, March 15, 2009

ON-OFF Control Simulation

Temperature Controller Simulation
The parameters are described elsewhere, with links to explanations

and definitions in the main document. Their values in the boxes can be
edited in the usual way. With the present values the set-point
temperature Ts will stay at 150 °C until 100 s into the simulation when
it will ramp linearly to 175 °C at 200 s. Either On-Off or PID controllers
can be selected with the first menu which also has an option
"PID Bode" to display the frequency-domain response of the PID
system. The second menu changes the temperature units.


on-off control elements

Universal Framework for Science and Engineering - Part 3:
Control systems. Processing of signals.
A lot of control systems use on-off control elements that have
the following in-out function

If we have several sets of photos of a 3D object, we can obtain
its 6D position. In this example, the problem is solved in the

following way. From the photos and virtual cameras, we obtain
the contours of the object as it is presented in the following


Bang-Bang Control Using Temporal Logic
This demonstration shows how to use Stateflow® to model
a bang-bang temperature control system for a boiler. The boiler
dynamics are modeled in Simulink® in a boiler plant model
Simulation Results

Looking at the Simulink scope, we can see that after
approximately 450 seconds, the boiler temperature is effectively
maintained at the set temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.

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